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Core Technologies

Capot is renowned in the field of chemical synthesis for its profound technical accumulation and practical experience. We are committed to continuously exploring and optimizing technologies, aiming to provide global customers with efficient, safe, and sustainable customized chemical synthesis services. The following content outlines our technical expertise and the exceptional capabilities demonstrated in specialized chemical reactions:

Overview of Technical Expertise:

  • Catalyst Synthesis Technology:Utilizing cutting-edge catalyst systems, we can effectively promote various chemical reactions, including asymmetric catalysis and cross-coupling reactions, significantly improving product selectivity and yield.
  • Asymmetric Synthesis and C-H Activation Technology:In the field of asymmetric synthesis, we provide customers with high-purity chiral compounds by precisely controlling the generation of chiral centers. Simultaneously, our mastery of C-H activation technology has opened new pathways for the functionalization of complex molecules.
  • Multistep Synthesis:Capable of completing multistep synthesis of polycyclic compounds and natural products, from milligram to kilogram scale, meeting diverse production needs.
  • Green Chemistry: Adhering to green chemistry principles, we minimize environmental impact while optimizing reaction conditions and reducing waste, providing eco-friendly chemical solutions.
  • Microchannel Technology (Continuous Flow Technology): Introducing microchannel reactors for continuous flow synthesis significantly enhances reaction efficiency and safety, optimizes energy and material use, especially suitable for the safe production of highly active or hazardous chemicals.
  • Deuterium Technology: We possess deep expertise in deuterium substitution technology, which significantly enhances the metabolic stability of drugs and provides insights into drug mechanisms of action, as well as improves applications in materials science, particularly in the development of liquid crystal materials. This method increases the thermal stability and electro-optical performance of liquid crystal materials, crucial for enhancing the quality and stability of high-performance display technologies. Our services include customized synthesis of deuterated compounds, covering applications from pharmaceutical intermediates to liquid crystal materials.

Capabilities in Specialized Chemical Reactions:

  • Suzuki Coupling Reaction: Specializing in cross-coupling organic boron compounds with organic halides or sulfonates to synthesize coupled products, with extensive experience and operational skills.
  • Heck Reaction: Efficiently reacting olefins with halogenated olefins to produce substituted olefin products, our technical team is proficient in executing this reaction.
  • Friedel-Crafts Reaction: Skilled in using Lewis acid catalysts to react aromatic compounds with alkyl or alkyl halides, producing substituted aromatic products with mastered operation techniques.
  • Michael Addition Reaction:Expert in synthesizing addition products through Michael addition reactions, ensuring high yield and selectivity.
  • Sharpless Asymmetric Epoxidation Reaction: Utilizing chiral catalysts for chiral induction, significant for chiral synthesis.
  • Diels-Alder Reaction: Capable of conducting cycloaddition reactions between dienes and allylic compounds to produce cycloaddition products, proficient in operation.

Management of Hazardous Reactions:

  • Fluorination Reaction: Skilled in using fluorinating agents like DAST, TBAF, SF4, HF, Selectfluor, etc., to effectively introduce fluorine atoms into organic molecules.
  • Cyanation Reaction:Proficient in cyanation reactions using sodium cyanide, safely and efficiently introducing the cyano group into organic molecules.
  • Nitration Reaction:Capable of controlling temperatures from -15°C to 130°C for nitration reactions to produce nitro compounds.
  • Chlorination Reaction: Skilled in using chlorine gas or phosphorus trichloride, strictly adhering to safety measures.
  • Amination Reaction: Effectively preventing the harm of ammonia gas to humans, ensuring safety in ammonia gas or aqueous ammonia reactions.
  • Oxidation Reaction: Using hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, or ozone as mediums for oxidation reactions, ensuring the safety and controllability of operations.

While Capot pursues technological innovation, we deeply value safety and environmental protection, adhering to the principles of green chemistry, aiming to support our clients in achieving research and production goals, and advancing scientific research and industrial development. We look forward to in-depth exchanges with global customers and partners, jointly exploring the vast possibilities of chemical synthesis.

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