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R&D Center

Research and Development Center

The Capot Research and Development Center is located in the Joinhands Science Park, Hangzhou, boasting over 1000 square meters of advanced laboratory facilities and a professional and efficient R&D team. Supported by these laboratories, we are dedicated to custom synthesis research and development from gram to kilogram scale and process optimization for commercialized products. The laboratory is equipped with advanced analytical instruments to ensure precise R&D support for every project.

Our laboratory is not only a hotbed for technical innovation but also a full embodiment of professional team collaboration. Choosing Capot, you will work closely with a passionate, experienced, and highly collaborative R&D team, providing the best solutions for your project. We are always committed to creating more value for our customers and writing a new chapter in technological innovation together.

  • Reactors and Reaction Equipment

    Includes glass reactors of various capacities (10L, 20L, 50L), and stainless steel high-pressure reaction vessels (10L), offering flexible reaction conditions. The temperature range covers from -78°C to 200°C, with pressures up to 120psi, and equipped with a high vacuum system, maintaining extremely low pressure at 1mmHg.

  • Separation and Purification Equipment

    The laboratory is equipped with rotary evaporators, vacuum pumps, condensers, etc., for separation, concentration, and purification of products from reaction mixtures.

  • Catalysis Equipment

    Provides support for various catalytic reactions, including stirred reactors and fixed bed catalytic devices.

  • Analytical Instruments

    The laboratory boasts advanced analytical instruments, including a 600 MHz Bruker Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer (AVANCE III HD), Agilent Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-1290-6160), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Agilent LC-1260, UPLC-1290 DAD/VWD), Gas Chromatography (GC-8890), and Headspace Sampler (GC-7697A) for structural characterization and purity analysis of synthetic products.

  • Temperature Control Equipment

    The laboratory is fully equipped with constant temperature baths and thermostats for precise control of reaction temperatures.

  • Gas Management System

    Supports handling inert gases, oxygen, hydrogen, etc., to meet the gas handling needs in organic synthesis reactions.

  • Laboratory Safety Equipment

    The laboratory is equipped with emergency showers, safety cabinets, protective goggles, and other safety equipment to ensure the safety of laboratory operations.

With these facilities, the organic synthesis laboratory provides comprehensive support for researchers, aiming to meet the diverse needs of organic synthesis research.

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