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Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

Our pilot plant site is located in Joinhands Sci Park, Hangzhou and Hangzhou South Industrial Zone, which both have the ISO:9001 standard certification.

At our pilot plants, we can operate regular production based on quantities at metric tons.

We focus on the following activities:

  • Process scale up from R&D center
  • Contract synthesis for up to hundred-kilo quantity
  • Early phase API manufacturing
  • In-house process validation and trial quantity production

Our pilot plant has in-process quality control to support the production.


  • Glass-lined reactor: 10L,20L,50L;
  • Stainless-steal reactor: 300l,500L,1000L;
  • Ceramic Reactors: 300L, 500L, 1000L;
  • Autoclaves: 50L,100L;
  • Temperature range: -78oC to 200oC;
  • Pressure: up to 120psi;
  • High vacuum system: 1mmHg.

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