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IP Assurance


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Intellectual Property Protection

When it comes to intellectual property protection, Capot places great importance on our clients' concerns and implements the following measures to ensure the confidentiality of client projects and the security of intellectual property:

1. Confidentiality Agreements: All employees must sign confidentiality agreements before joining Capot, which clearly define the obligations and responsibilities to protect the confidentiality of client projects.

2. Comprehensive Information Security System: We have implemented a comprehensive information security system within our company network, including access control, encryption technologies, and firewalls, to ensure the security of data and information.

3. Laboratory and Project Management: Our laboratories are strictly organized to ensure projects are independent of each other, prohibiting cross-project information exchange, thereby preventing the leakage of intellectual property.

4. Laboratory Record Management:We use advanced electronic lab notebooks to manage laboratory records. These electronic lab notebooks have strict access control and encryption features, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and edit experimental data. Through electronic lab notebooks, we can more effectively manage experimental data and ensure the confidentiality of client projects and the security of intellectual property.

5. Safety Culture and Employee Training: We focus on establishing a safety culture and fostering a sense of confidentiality among employees. We provide relevant training to ensure employees understand the importance of intellectual property and are clear about the measures and responsibilities for its protection.

6. Physical Security Measures: Our laboratories and office areas are equipped with security facilities, such as video surveillance systems, visitor management, and restricted areas, to prevent unauthorized access and protect the confidentiality of client projects.

7. Partner Management: For projects involving partners, we sign confidentiality agreements with them, clarifying confidentiality obligations and requiring them to comply with intellectual property protection requirements.

8. Client Involvement and Communication: We welcome clients to actively participate in the cooperation process and provide relevant information and documents so that clients can understand our protection measures and communicate and raise questions with us.

9. Document Access Control: We implement strict document access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and handle documents and data related to client projects. This includes limiting specific employees' access rights, using authentication and encryption technologies to protect the confidentiality of documents.

10. Digital Information Security Measures: We use advanced digital information security measures, including data encryption, antivirus software, and network security protection measures, to protect the confidentiality of client project information from unauthorized access and theft.

11. Document Storage and Backup:We use secure document storage and backup measures to ensure that files related to client projects are not lost, tampered with, or damaged during transmission and storage. This includes regularly backing up data, using secure cloud storage services, and controlling access to physical storage media.

12. Review and Monitoring: We conduct regular reviews and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of file access permissions and security measures. We check employees' file access records, identify any abnormal activities, and take timely measures to address potential security threats.

13. Customer Data Confidentiality Agreement: For projects involving customer data, we sign confidentiality agreements with customers, clearly specifying data protection and usage restrictions. This helps to ensure that customers' data is not leaked or misused.

Through these measures, Capot is committed to providing a safe and trustworthy cooperation environment for our clients, ensuring that their intellectual property is well protected. We will continue to improve and strengthen our protection measures to ensure clients' confidence and satisfaction in our cooperation.

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