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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

1. Environmental Advocacy

We adhere to green manufacturing, actively striving to reduce the environmental impact of our production. By introducing advanced production technology and continuously improving our processes, we are committed to lowering energy consumption and waste emissions. We pursue the goal of zero emissions in production and actively participate in various environmental initiatives, contributing substantial efforts towards building a clean and sustainable future.

2. Quality and Safety Assurance

Product quality is our top priority. We ensure our products meet the highest standards through strict quality control and safety management systems. Beyond complying with relevant regulations, we also provide training and resources to ensure our employees perform at their best in a safe working environment, focusing on the health and safety of every employee.

3. Technological Innovation

We continuously invest in R&D to drive technological innovation, aiming to enhance the efficacy and safety of our products. Working closely with scientific research institutions, we conduct forward-looking research to lead the industry's development direction, offering society more advanced and reliable pharmaceutical and chemical products./p>

4. Social Welfare and Community Building

We are acutely aware of the close connection between enterprises and communities, hence our active involvement in social welfare and community building. By participating in various community activities, supporting environmental initiatives, and collaborating with charitable organizations, we strive to contribute more to society. This may include organizing environmental advocacy events, participating in charity runs, and addressing community needs through concrete actions. Our goal is to grow together with the community and create richer value for society.

5. Employee Care and Development

Employees are indispensable pillars of sustainable development and the driving force behind our robust growth. Capot skillfully integrates international concepts and experience into the Chinese context, formulating an effective talent sustainable development strategy. We welcome and attract industry elites, fully respecting the hard work of each employee.

In terms of work, the company is dedicated to creating a workplace platform that inspires talent, realizes personal value, and changes life trajectories. Through campus recruitment and talent development programs, we support the growth of a new generation of talent, providing them with broad career development opportunities.

In terms of life, the company not only offers comprehensive welfare plans and pays special attention to employees in difficulty but also actively carries out assistance work. By addressing employees' practical issues and alleviating psychological stress, we give employees a greater sense of belonging and happiness. Moreover, we encourage participation in various team-building and travel activities to promote teamwork, enhance colleagues' understanding, and create a positive corporate culture. We believe that these diverse care initiatives will build a community of shared interests, development, and honor between the company and its employees.

The above social responsibility policies represent our firm commitment to society and the environment. We will continue to strive and act to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, contributing to the sustainable development of society.

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