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Contact Us

Thanks for your visiting our website.Any request,please contact us.

A. R&D Center, Business Center, Headquarters

Joinhands Science Park, No.4028, Nanhuan Road, Hangzhou, P.R.China.

+86 (0)571-855 867 18
+86 (0)571-858 647 95
+86 (0)133 3619 5806 ;

B. Commercial Manufacturing Pilot plant

Capot Chemical (Jinzhou) Co.,Ltd.

8-8, Minjiang Street, Binhai New Area, Jinzhou, Liaoning, P.R.China.

+86 (0)133 3619 5806

C. cGMP Manufacturing Pilot plant

Meicheng, Jiande, Hangzhou, 311600 , P.R.China.

+86 (0)133 3609 4967

D. Texas, USA, Sales Office Branch

Suite 205, Frisco, Texas 75034, USA.

Sales department for the global market

(Inquiry , the order confirmation, order tracking, After-sales service, etc.)

Human resource management

( Recruitment, staff training, etc.)

Account/Finance department

( Payment, invoices, etc.)

Complaints against the service of company and employees

(In business cooperation, the customer is not satisfied with the service of our staff or company, you can directly make a complaint by email, company executives will get back to you within 1-2working days. Customer satisfaction is our aim)

cGMP the custom services

(Including catalog products and non-catalog products)


(Encounter problems using the website online services)

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" Nous pouvons synthétiser et fabriquer de 1 gramme à 10MT ou plus. "

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