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Custom Synthesis


20 years experience in Custom synthesis.

Custom Synthesis

With over 20 years of extensive experience, we are dedicated to offering cutting-edge, high-end custom synthesis services aimed at fulfilling comprehensive client demands in new molecule design and synthesis, special reagents and intermediates R&D, API and its derivatives production, as well as the precise synthesis of standards and impurities. Our professional services cover a wide range, including the precise synthesis and separation of stable isotope-labeled compounds, tritium-labeled compounds, and chiral compounds, along with comprehensive analytical and identification support.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Fluorine Chemistry: Exploring and developing the frontier technologies of fluorine compounds.
  • Organometallic Chemistry: Utilizing metal catalysts for innovative chemical synthesis.
  • Chiral Chemistry: Producing high-purity chiral compounds to support drug R&D.
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry: Specializing in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds to advance medicinal chemistry.
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry, Nucleoside Chemistry:Developing bioactive complex sugars and nucleosides.
  • Peptide Chemistry: Custom synthesis of various peptides and their derivatives.
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Technology: Developing efficient ADC drugs for cancer treatment.

We pride ourselves on the following core strengths and capabilities:

  • Achieving precise synthesis from milligram to ton scale, covering a broad range of chemical technologies.
  • Efficient project management and innovative R&D team, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality completion of projects.
  • Advanced production processes, including diverse chemical reactions, purification techniques, and condition optimization.
  • Strict quality control, adhering to ISO9000, GMP-like, or even GMP standards, to ensure that project outcomes comply with global research and commercialization compliance requirements.

Our service process includes:

  • Providing technical consultation and project evaluation, deeply understanding client needs, and offering professional suggestions.
  • Offering customized services, covering the entire process from new molecule synthesis to special chemical R&D and scale-up production.
  • Implementing strict project management to ensure progress and quality control, with regular updates on project developments.
  • Ensuring quality and product delivery, providing detailed analytical reports and quality documentation.

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