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CAPOT means Win.

It has a lot in common with the Chinese character-赢, which is combined with five parts: 亡(wang),口(kou),月(yue),贝(bei),and 凡(fan)。

The C of CAPOT is short from Crisis, which has the same meaning of 亡(wang). This chinese character means : death, danger, failure.

To win, we should always have the sense of crisis, to prevent the potential danger from happening. So we have to always put our customers’ demanding in the first place, providing with our best service to create the maximum profit to them.

The A of CAPOT is short from Answer, which has the same meaning of 口(kou). This chinese character means : mouth, talking, communication, answer.

To win, we have to pay attention to communication; always answer our customer’s requirements. A successful business is based on a good communication. We will keep promote our ability of communication.

The P of CAPOT is short from Punctuality, which has the same meaning of月(yue). This chinese character means : the moon, time.

To win, we have to be punctuality, to cherish the value of time. We always response to our customers in the first place, and try to accomplish our work in a efficient way, so we could save the time for our customers and have our own time to promote creation.

The O of CAPOT is short from Objective, which has the same meaning of 贝(bei). This chinese character means: money, fortune.

To win, we should be objective; should always have an object, a goal to chase. We value the quality of our product and the service, to build a strict management system to service our customer. That’s the only way we could achieve a promising business win.

The T of CAPOT is short from Tranquility, which has the same meaning of 凡(fan). This chinese character means: common, peaceful, tranquility.

To win, we have to keep a positive attitude with tranquility. We shall always treat our customers and other people with the gentle politeness and courtesy, to win gain the trust and reputation from people. We never seek quick win and instant benefits, we’d like to build our career step by step, with patience and endurance.

All in all, the name of our company bares our core value and culture. Based on the wisdom of Chinese ancient civilization, we try our best to gain the trust and support. We build our business by the leading of “C A P O T”.

Choose Capot , choose a good professional partner!

" We can synthesize and manufacture from 1 gram to 10MT or more. "

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