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A Custom Synthesis Company


Founded in 1996 and established in 2004, Capot is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. It is a leading enterprise specializing in the custom synthesis of diversified chemicals. Our business spans a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, new materials, and special chemicals, offering outstanding production capabilities and leading R&D services to global clients in the pharmaceutical, functional materials, and fine chemicals industries.

Adhering to the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification, we are proactive and rigorous in internal management, ensuring excellent and reliable product quality.

Capot boasts a multitude of distinguished R&D talents and has accumulated rich management experience in production manufacturing and quality control. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities, ensuring the production of high-quality products. Based on basic chemical modules and combined with the needs of drug and new material R&D, we provide customers with optimized custom products.

As a custom synthesis company with more than 20 years of experience, we offer one-stop custom R&D and production services from a few grams to large tonnage for our clients. Our market coverage is extensive, with products exported to the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan, and other countries and regions.

Our mission is to commit to product diversification, reliable quality, competitive prices, and exceptional service to enhance customer satisfaction.

At Capot, we not only take our customers' success as our own responsibility but also drive scientific innovation as our motivation, continuously pushing forward the progress and development of the chemical pharmaceutical field.

Choose Capot , choose a good professional partner!

" We can synthesize and manufacture from 1 gram to 10MT or more. "

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